Synovial sarcoma (shoulder joint)

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History: For 2 weeks, a painless swelling in the left cervical area and in the suprapit. Surgical aspiration of the mass. Diagnosis: hematoma.
After 6 months, severely increased swelling.



After incomplete surgery, chemotherapy with receding size of the tumor. After that, radiation. Now no proof of tumor rests with radiogenic edema in the region of radiation.

Article by: G. Hahn (Dresden), (

Differential diagnosis: Other soft-tissue tumors, i.e. Rhabdomyosarcoma

Diagnosis confirmation: Surgery / Histo

Category: Pediatric

Region / Organ: Thorax-Muscular system / Connective tissue / Skin

Etiology: neoplastic


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Synovial sarcoma (shoulder joint)

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